Some basic information about the game and features, some will be available sooner than others.

  • Sandbox play
  • PVP
  • Crafting oriented (Most items will be crafted)
  • No levels
  • Skill based, all players can learn any type of skill set
  • No classes, only basic starting templates
  • Hub area with teleports to other areas for streamlined travel
  • Centralized graveyard/death area
  • Small chance to lose items on death
  • Up-gradable items
  • Chance to craft multiples of items while crafting
  • Item Socketing system
  • Magic particle weapons
  • Hunger/Thirst system
  • Player housing and private player & guild instances
  • Grouping & Guilds
  • Arena/Death match instances
  • Open world and group instanced dungeons and areas


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